Orthodontics | Round Rock

What is Orthodontics or Braces

Nearly 50% of the population, according to the American Association of Orthodontics, suffer from teeth not aligning and severe enough to benefit from orthodontic or braces treatment. Treatment with braces or clear aligners can take several months to a few years to safely and slowly move the teeth and jaws into an ideal position.If your misalignment is very severe enough, jaw surgery may be recommended. This type of treatment is typically started during adolescence because bones can more easily be manipulated.

At Red Bud Dental, we have specialized dentists called Orthodontists who will give you or your kids a thorough examination and report on what types of orthodontic treatment is best for your case. In some instances, you simply need traditional braces, other more severe cases may require headgear or palatal expansion. Rest assured we will be able to get you that perfect Instagram smile! 

Why Should I Get Braces Or Align My Teeth?

The goal of orthodontic treatment is ultimately an amazing and beautiful smile with good occlusion or bite. When your teeth come together in its ideal orientation, you get the benefit of symmetry which is often the gold standard to beauty and a balanced bite. This is important because you want to be able to spread the force evenly when you chew so that you don’t overwhelm any one tooth in your mouth.

Orthodontic treatment creates an ideal bite, making teeth align better which decreases the risk of future dental problems which in turn can be costly. As dentists we often will see patients with subpar oral hygiene but because they have ideally aligned teeth their frequency of cavities and gum disease is noticeably lower than other patients that have crowded teeth. 

Seeing an Orthodontist or Braces Specialist at Red Bud Dental

An Orthodontist is a dentist with additional training in teeth alignment. The top reason for seeing an orthodontist is the same for adults and as it is for kids – to treat misaligned teeth, or a “bad bite.” Orthodontists straighten teeth and improve your bite by correcting how your teeth fit together and how your jaws line up. They use braces, clear aligners, and other appliances — such as headgear, which attach around the head or neck to add additional force to help guide your teeth movement. They also make retainers that help you maintain your bite. 

What to expect at your appointment

The first appointment is a consultation with our Orthodontist, Dr. Kirstin Trandem. She will examine your teeth, mouth, jaws and check your bite.  You will need to have a special panoramic x-ray taken so that she can carefully examine the relationship between your teeth and jaw. 

Once the examination and records are completed. We will then go over your treatment plan with you carefully. You will hear advice and suggestions on whether to go with traditional braces or clear aligners (Invisalign) as well as the benefits and downsides to each treatment type. Once all of your questions are answered and we have decided on a plan we will go ahead and schedule to start your Orthodontic treatment. 


Invisalign are clear aligners that shift your teeth gently over time. You will be instructed to wear these trays all day except when you eat and brush your teeth. Typically, once a week you will change to a new set of trays which is how your teeth are guided into place. 

  1. On your first appointment we will be taking moulds of your teeth and photos of your bite and send the records to Invisalign the company. 
  2. Once your computer generated models come out, we will review with you the progression and expectation as well as a model of what your teeth will look like once its all aligned!
  3. There will likely be some tooth colored, “buttons” we will need to place on your teeth to help the trays create the forces they need to get your teeth aligned. 
  4. You will be given a months worth of trays, and we will evaluate your progress once a month when you come in for a check up.