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Brushing only cleans the front and back surfaces of your teeth. Flossing is the only way to reliably remove tartar from the sides of your teeth! Imagine taking a shower and only washing the front and back of your body. That’s probably not good enough!

No, your enamel is the hardest substance in your body and won’t be damaged by neither hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide whitening gels. You may however, have some temporary teeth sensitivity especially to temperature due the tiny pores of your teeth being exposed to the environment immediately after whitening your teeth. This may last for a couple of hours up to a couple of days.

Fear not! Gone are the days of painful fillings and extractions without the use of proper local anesthesia! Today’s numbing solutions are so refined and potent that 99% of the time you won’t feel a thing. Our doctors at Red Bud Dental are all very nice and will the time to talk you through any anxieties you may have and will only proceed if you feel comfortable. We also may prescribe your medication or the use of laughing gas to calm those nerves as well. 

Generally yes, unless you have excellent A+ brushing technique with a regular tooth brush. Professional electric toothbrushes vibrate in a way to predictably remove tartar off of teeth and beneath your gums. Always remember to gently brush the area where the gum and teeth meet. Think of it as sweeping under a rug, you gotta do it if you want it to be clean. 

Deep cleaning is just like a regular cleaning but we have to go deeper! This is why we take measurements of the space between your gum and your teeth. When that length exceeds 5mm, we categorize that as deep cleaning and typically will need to numb your gums in order to comfortably clean that far beneath your gums. 

Generally yes. If you don’t wear a nightguard your enamel will be worn down over time possibly exposing underlying nerves and making your teeth more susceptible temperature sensitivity and fracturing. Be careful with the store bought nightguards as they may be good for enamel protection, but if the material is too soft then you are still causing a lot of torque on your teeth which could lead to gum recession and weakening of your teeth. 

As a dentist, we would not encourage anyone to move your teeth without professional supervision. There are simply too many complications that could arise in specialized cases. If you happen to have uncontrolled gum disease or have underlying health issues that could affect your bone health; you could be putting yourself at serious risk of losing your teeth and worse uncontrolled bone loss.

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We charge ballpark $4,400 with supervision by an Orthodontist who specialized in teeth movement. This price may vary depending on the complexity of each case. For example, if you require surgery, special appliances, extra time (more than 2 years etc). We will give you a breakdown once Dr Trandem completes her consultation.